Chabad Midtown 2022

Main Office:, Synagogue: 544 S. Clair Ave West Toronto, ON M6C 1A5, 1344 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R 3H7

Brief description:

“Summer is a season of nurturing and protecting”, as Jim Rohn said, so I spend my summer learning something new or traveling more to broaden my horizons, nurture my soul, and protect my intellectual development.

Toronto was my first summer in a new city.

I chose to become a child teacher to put my patience to the test; additionally, children have not yet developed a common language, so understanding their psychology helps me to understand a lot more. on human psychology.

National Open

Bank Tennis 2022

Partner with Sobeys Stadium 1 Shoreham Drive, Suite 100
Toronto, ON M3N 3A6

Brief discription:

It is an honour for me to help out at such a large Open Tennis tournament. I am also prepared to gain an advantage in the Smart Serve wine service specification and obtain a certificate for it.

As a result of the interviewing, registration, and selection process, the position I was given in the VIP area, which served senior leaders, distinguished guests, and professional athletes of the tournament. I met Selena William, a legend who has spread fire and enthusiasm throughout the world. female. Furthermore, as a new young player in a lineup of players with more than ten years of experience in the game, I have heard and learned a lot of their stories and perspectives.

Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED (Level C)

Standard First Aid and BSL (Level C)

Canadian Red Cross - WSIB Qualified Certification

6 4 7 - 4 6 8 - 1 3 0 9

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